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Dietary and Lifestyle Recommendations

Our dietary and lifestyle recommendations achieve good results with excess weight, stress, insomnia, chronic pain, low energy and much more. When you’re on the right path, time is on your side. So no crash diets or sudden changes are needed. Indeed, the combination of diet, nutrition and lifestyle is one of the most powerful modalities of Oriental Medicine.


We give you specific instructions to eat or avoid certain foods based on your constitution and health issues.

As practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine and modern natural therapies, we fully understand how the quality, quantity and timing of your nutrition can be critical to help you regain health, prevent illness and promote longevity.


We know how the type of foods you consume daily can either be harmful or beneficial; either depleting and toxifying your body or providing the energy and substance that heals and sustains it. We draw from the vast body of knowledge that exists today about the healing properties of specific foods.


As part of your free initial consultation, we will learn everything we can about your health goals and challenges. We will give you specific dietary recommendations customized for your body constitution and condition, including nutritional supplementation if needed. You will find that these, along with modest, easy-to-follow lifestyle instructions can make a big difference in your life. 

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