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"Our patients speak" testimonials...

 “Elena is so kind, so efficient,  and

so skilled in everything she does.”

 — Martin D. Weiss., PhD

Along with my wife Elisabeth, I’m the founder of The Weiss School in Palm Beach Gardens. I’m almost 70 years old now, and for decades, we have struggled with conflicting medical advice.

We understand the added value of alternative medicine, including Oriental medicine. But we still have to pay attention to the advice of conventional medical doctors. Unfortunately, though, what often happens is that natural doctors tell us to do one thing ... and medical doctors tell us to do exactly the opposite.

That throws the burden on US to try to decide what to do, and we’re really not qualified to make those kinds of decisions. This is why I’m absolutely thrilled to have met Elena Simonova. Elena ... who has her practice in Jupiter, right across the street from the Jupiter Hospital ... is one of those very rare individuals who has both backgrounds.

She was a medical doctor in Russia, plus she completed her training here in the U.S. in health care and Oriental medicine. That’s exactly what we’ve been looking for all these years — someone who practices alternative medicine, but also truly understands conventional medicine, and who can guide us to one truly integrated solution whenever we have a medical issue.

Elena is so kind, so efficient, and so skilled in everything she does. That’s why I we like her so much. And that’s why I recommend Elena — and her partner Yusuf — to everyone, including all our friends and relatives ... all our students, parents and grandparents at The Weiss School ... and you too. 

“It’s just really changed my life.”

— Carolyn S., accountant

I had fallen and had an L-2 burst fracture in my back, and I developed what to me was very bad stenosis. That’s when you have a lot of pain in your lower back, and it’s hard to walk. It hurts to stand. You can’t stand for any length of time. …

Yusuf had a seminar at the Jupiter Medical Center. My husband and I went and listened to him. I think that was in December. … And the following January, I went in to talk to him. He asked me more questions than all my doctors put together. I really felt comfortable and decided to go forward with the treatment.

It’s been a long haul. I had numerous issues, but the stenosis was the worst. It’s been over a year now, but I can stand. I can now peel potatoes at the sink. I don’t have to sit. I can walk. Before, if I walked in the grocery store, I’d have to lean on the grocery basket. I don’t need that now. It’s just really changed my life.

He gave me some little herbal pills — these shiny little pills — and they really do help. When I forget to take them, my body reminds me. … But I’m not taking pain killers or downing the aspirin. I was taking four Alieves a day, and I was on narcotics after I had the hip surgery. I never want to go through that again.

I don’t take any aspirin. I don’t take anything. I just take my little ball pills. And I feel good. I really feel good.

“I have a life again. It’s been amazing.” 

— Elise T.

Hi, my name is Elyse, and I’m here to tell you a story about how a procedure changed my life for the better.  Fourteen years ago, I started menopause and when I did, I got hot flashes like nobody’s business — every 41 minutes to be exact. And that meant day and night. That meant I never slept more than 41 minutes without having a hot flash and getting completely soaked.

So my doctor said, “Let’s put you on some hormones,” which she did for seven years. And they took care of them. But after seven years, she told me she couldn’t have me on them anymore, and she recommended: nothing!​

The next day I was at the salon, and someone mentioned that Yusuf was the person who did acupuncture here; and I decided to give it a try. I went in there — during our conversation, I had two hot flashes. I was soaking wet. So he said to me: “You’ve had them for 14 years. I want you to come three days a week.”

On the onset, he said “start notating every time you have a hot flash.” Those first two weeks — 32 to 38 hot flashes a day. I mean it was awful. They were completely ruining my life. Within three weeks, I was down to 18 a day. I’ve been seeing him now for three months. I now go only twice a week. It’s getting less and less. And I now have one hot flash a day and one a night. I have a life again. It’s been amazing.

“I could tell a difference immediately.”

— Sandy S., psychologist.

About three and a half years ago, I developed atrial fibrillation, and the AFib was difficult to control. The medications that I was put on were very toxic, and I spent the better the part of six months not being able to function. And I decided to try alternative ways of healing. …

I knew about Yusuf through Elena. I didn’t know for sure what he might do for AFib, but I felt l had nothing to lose. Not only did he treat me by acupuncture, but he also used herbal treatments, and I could tell a difference immediately …

It wasn’t like one treatment, and I was fine. But I felt so much better and so much stronger, that I went back probably three or four times a week for the first several months, until I really started to feel almost normal again.

Since then, I’ve gone to Yusuf for pretty serious neck, shoulder and back issues. He’s wonderful. And he is not only wonderful with the meridians, but he does very good body work with the massage — therapeutic massage that realigned my whole body. I really believe that, because I’ve been, knock on wood, really good, really healthy. It basically took the pain away. I have a chronic condition in that area, but instead of taking a lot of anti-inflammatories, he has taught me exercises to stretch and handle the pain. I’m fine. He is very warm, very clear in what you have to do to help yourself get better. It’s just obvious that he believes that he can help you without relying upon medication, and that confidence transfers to the patient. 

“I am forever grateful I did not have to go under the knife.”

— Jen.

I started coming to Yusuf about a year ago for an issue with my kidneys. I happen to work with Yusuf at Admiral’s Cove. So I was already familiar with his abilities and felt very comfortable coming to him with my kidney issue. He helped me, along with doctors who told me that it needed to be removed. It was a tumor about the size of an egg. I got really nervous -- 85% sure it was cancerous, according to them.


According to Yusuf, I had time.

It was the first issue I had ever had with my body. I decided to have it removed, and when I did, it turned out it was benign, and that he was right! If I had taken my time, maybe I could have handled it without surgery.

Coming to more recent times, I pinched a nerve in my neck and lost the function of my upper left arm. I’m a massage therapist and left-handed, and so I got very nervous that I wasn’t going to be able to continue in my massage career and that I wasn’t going to get full mobility back in my arm. The doctors told me that a fusion was necessary; that it would give the nerve the best opportunity at healing. I could not face another surgery in a year and decided that I was going to go the alternative route.

Yusuf has helped in the last three weeks to almost fully regain the mobility in my arm. I can raise it up. I can raise it out. I can do pretty much anything. And I am forever grateful for that – that I did not have to go under the knife yet again for something that was not necessary. 

 “I could not be more pleased with
all of [Dr. Simonova’s] services.”
— Ted Turner

Hi, my name is Tim Turner. I’m a patient of Dr. Elena Simonova here in Jupiter. I’ve been coming for six weeks, or roughly 16 visits. I have problems with spinal stenosis and with psoriatic arthritis. I’ve been receiving both acupuncture treatments and massage treatments; and they have made a world of difference to me. 

When I first came, I was only able to walk about 250 yards and I had to stop. I can now walk two miles, and at a reasonably good pace. I’ve also lost about eight pounds.

In the process, Dr. Simonova has given me some very good advice on some of the foods that I should be eating and when to eat them. I could not be more pleased with all the services I’ve received here. 

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