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Welcome to Acupuncture and Wellness Specialists!


Our goal is help you to get well by finding out the root cause of your health problem.

Our wellness specialists offer a diverse selection of safe and effective health treatment programs for a vast variety of illnesses and conditions.


We combine some of the most ancient and natural healing techniques available with the knowledge of modern science and medicine.


We think that’s critical because the practices of modern medical doctors and the alternative medicine we practice can both play an important role in our lives. Often, the most viable health solutions are those that integrate the best of both worlds.


The place to start is with a free consultation to evaluate your condition, determine if we can help you, and propose a roadmap for a holistic program that’s customized for you. 

Your roadmap will include a custom menu of treatments that can help you with acute and chronic conditions, including any of the modalities that we offer: acupuncture, medical massage, cupping, Chinese herbal prescriptions, homeopathy, dietary and lifestyle recommendations, as well as therapeutic exercises

We offer effective treatment and relief for numerous health problems, including


  1. Addictions

  2. Allergies

  3. Cancer side-effects

  4. Digestive problems

  5. Emotional disorders

  6. Gynecological problems

  7. Hormonal imbalance

  8. Immunity that’s compromised

  9. Infertility

  10. Muscular-skeletal problems

  11. Neurological problems

  12. Pain, whether chronic or acute

  13. Respiratory disorders

  14. Stress and anxiety

  15. Stroke recovery difficulties

  16. and many more.


About Our Specialists

We are nationally certified in Oriental Medicine, with over 40 years of clinical experience. Plus, we each have wellness specialties to offer that may be difficult to find elsewhere.


Dr. Yusuf Mihaylov, AP, LMT has received advanced degrees  in three countries -Russia, China and the United States. In addition to being Board Certified in Oriental medicine, he is a veteran specialist in the field of medical massage. 

Dr. Elena Simonova, AP, MD (Russia) practiced medicine in Russia for a number of years, giving her a keen awareness of the many different experiences that patients may have with doctors and in hospitals. She is Board Certified in Oriental Medicine and Herbology. 

Plus, we always seek to give you simple and natural steps you can take — on your own or with our guidance — to help not only cure, but prevent disease. We want you to get healthy and stay healthy. We want to help educate as many people as possible, offering Free Wellness and Disease Prevention Seminars for your business, community, group, church, school and organization.

Our office is conveniently located in Jupiter, across from the Jupiter Medical Center, easily accessible to residents of Palm Beach County as well as other neighboring areas.


To request an appointment now, go here. We look forward to seeing you and making a difference in your life.

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